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If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing
This Sassy Lady Writes
If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing – Kingsley Amis
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The second episode of the Major Crimes 5-parter “Sanctuary City” starts right where the first episode left off. The team is still in the Churchyard with the newly discovered body of one of the three missing teenagers. As we already saw in the previous episode, Sharon is having a rather hard time dealing with this case and it does not get any better over the course of this episode. However, Sharon’s closeness to the church and the school is a big advantage for the investigation. Father Stan trusts and respects her. Nevertheless, he gets protective of his church rather quickly which creates an even bigger conflict between him and the Commander. A further difficulty appears for the team when suddenly the FBI gets involved in their case and at some point even wants to take over completely.

The pool of suspects seems to get bigger and bigger with every passing minute and DDA Hobbs simply cannot suppress how very annoyed she is about that. In the meantime Rusty asks Andy for help to get Sharon to agree on a potentially crazy idea of his. Sharon’s response is surprising while at the same time it is exactly the reaction one would expect from her.

On a lighter note, the new detective, Camilla Paige, who cannot seem to be able to stop cutting off superior officers mid-sentence, is receiving some help from Wes Nolan to blend in better with the Major Crimes division. Surprisingly she actually tries to take his advice. I still do not quite understand the purpose of her character and I fear it might have something to do with TNT’s believe that “youth” is the secret to get viewer’s to tune in. Otherwise, though, I do not mind her character’s presence.

Lastly, let’s talk about the most interesting subject: Sharon’s flu (or whatever it really is). There is not much new information to be gained in this episode regarding her health situation but it is visible that something still seems to be going on. Let’s hope we’ll find out more in episode 3.

If you are from the US please try to watch live! If you are an international viewer who watches live please remember that the Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday November 5 in the US.

Thanks for reading! I tried to keep the review rather short as there are already enough spoilers floating around.

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One Response to “Major Crimes 6×2 – Advance Review (spoiler free!)”

Jan Wheeler Lachowycz

Thanks for the info! I, too, have wondered about the addition of the new character. I can’t understand the reasoning behind it especially as Mr Duff has clearly stated his gut feeling was that MC was not going to be renewed. It took us quite awhile to warm up to Capt Raydor and Rusty. Did we ever grow to like Rios or Garnett? I don’t think so.

November 5, 17 • 2:54 pm

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