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This Sassy Lady Writes
If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing – Kingsley Amis
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This Halloween, fans of Major Crimes are getting an extra special treat, as the hit-show’s 6th season premieres on the spookiest night of the year. Scheduling-wise the premiere date is far from ideal but the audience of the crime show has proven several times to be rather dedicated; it would not be surprising if its regular viewers are willing to postpone their trick-or-treating for an hour, to watch their favorite show.

Season 6 of Major Crimes comes with a rather big change: the show goes from episodic to serialized storytelling, which means that the team will now work on one single case for several episodes. One would assume this change alters the dynamic of the show, the way the stories are told, but it doesn’t. Not in the first episode anyway! It pretty much feels like watching a typical episode of the series except no one gets arrested just yet and our favorite division is still clueless as to who committed the crime.

As per usual the episode opens with the victims: three teenagers. The boys are on a school trip when suddenly, they disappear. Not a single person has witnessed anything so the Major Crimes team doesn’t really have much to work with. They receive some extra help from CID Detective Camilla Paige. Paige’s character is smart and lively, but takes some serious getting used to. She appears to be rather rude at first and does not seem to understand the concept of team work. The actress is doing her job very well, but the question what exactly the purpose of her character is still remains unanswered to me. Doesn’t Major Crimes already have enough characters the viewers know far too little about? Adding a further person to the mix does not particularly increase the possibility that the audience will finally get to know the original characters any better. In the last five seasons we only got to know some bits and pieces about the personal lives of the team, which might be due to the show’s genre, but nevertheless, it is something a significant part of the viewers wished were different.

Some people might also be wondering how the new murder room looks like. At the end of last season, the offices of Major Crimes were completely destroyed by an explosion, so some serious renovation work had to happen. However, the squad’s new space doesn’t really look all that different from the one the viewers were already used to. If one does not pay particular attention they might not even notice a change at all, apart from some new fancy tech devices.

In the season premiere there is one team member absent as he has to take care of a personal matter, while Commander Raydor (people calling her “Commander” might be my new favorite thing) is fighting with the remnants of a persistent flu and Rusty is still worried about his relationship with Gus. Additionally, the audience will get to see some more of reserve officer Buzz Watson and a well-known but unpopular name will be dropped several times, preparing the viewers for a bigger storyline later in the season

For all the Shandy fans out there: yes, there is some talk about the wedding in the episode. One or two tiny details get revealed when Sharon talks to her priest, Father Stan who happens to be at the PAB since the missing children are students of his school. Like all of Raydor’s kids the three teenagers attended the catholic school St Joseph’s to which Sharon still has a very good ties to.

At the very end of the episode there is a lot of potential to dive into Sharon’s mind, to look behind her facade but, as so often, the audience is left to guess what is going on. However, in her entertaining podcast What Would Sharon Raydor Do? Mary McDonnell revealed that season 6 of Major Crimes has been the most satisfying for her as an actress so far. This means that even though this might not already be the case in the first episode, there will definitely be a thrilling story line coming up for our favorite Commander. Even Major Crimes creator James Duff mentioned in an interview that this season finally offers McDonnell the opportunity to use the full range of her incredible acting abilities. So there is a lot to look forward to!

Season 6 of Major Crimes premieres on Tuesday, October 31 at 9pm ET on TNT! Watch live if you can!

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